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In any given day, there can be up to nine thousand British tourists in Sharm, and these numbers have increased over the last three years. The resort is a popular one with divers and offers with plenty of attractions for visitors. Sharm El-Sheikh is surrounded by stunning sandy beaches, beautiful stretches of turquoise water and wonderful coral reefs. The vast majority of the tourists come for the superb scuba-diving and to see the wonderful underwater sea life.


Sharm Old Market
This is a recommended excursion, and the Sharm Old Market can be reached via taxi or local bus. It is certainly an interesting trip with character and history, with bargains to be had. There are also some good cheap places to eat. There is a real emphasis here on local food with local people. A meal for four could be as cheap as £20 in total. It is always advisable to check the licensing arrangements with restaurants in this area, because some of them will be unlicensed, and therefore will not be able to provide alcoholic drinks. However, if this is the case, they will be happy for you to purchase drinks from a local supermarket to enjoy with your meal.

Sharm El-Sheikh is one of the best diving resorts in the world. The Tiran and Ras Mohammed reefs are considered among the best areas to enjoy diving across the globe. Both these reefs can be accessed by boat within a reasonable timeframe; however, as you can imagine, they do become very popular and on any given day, you could find that there are many boats on the same reef or diving area. Taking a daily boat is an option but keep in mind that again, when you arrive at the reef it may be busy. The SS Thistlegorm wreck is considered to be amongst the worlds finest. One helpful hint for visitors is to consider a diving safari; this allows divers to avoid large crowds at popular areas to some extent, and enjoy dives that are too far away for the day-trip divers to enjoy.

Other Sports
As you can imagine, there are numerous options for sporting pursuits, apart from diving. Horse riding is available, and some routes include desert excursions. It is advisable to use stables on the edge of the desert for a better experience, if you only want to spend two hours riding. Quad bike riding is another popular activity. However, it can be quite dangerous, so make sure you are covered by your travel insurance and wear a helmet at all times. Also, wear a long sleeve shirt, shoes rather than sandals and keep in mind that you are likely to be covered in some dust. Moreover, it is imperative that you follow your guide so you don’t venture too far off course. Parasailing and camel trekking can also be enjoyed. However, it should be noted that in the case of parasailing, it can be a little expensive for a very short trip. Camel trekking, though, is recommended, and even includes a home cooked meal.

Mount Sinai
Mount Sinai is well worth a visit and is best known for the ancient Monastery of St Catherine. It is also thought to be the mountain where Moses received the Ten Commandments. It is advisable if you choose to visit to bring some food with you, because refreshments are not always available.

Dahab is a small and relaxing resort town, and is also home to the infamous Blue Hole. This is really for daredevil types because it’s considered the most dangerous scuba diving site in the world and many people have died attempting it. The Blue Hole is 107 metres deep and has an arch opening onto a reef face at 58 metres. Full technical training is required and proper equipment must be used before attempting it.

When To Go
Sharm El-Sheikh has really good year-round good weather. The summer months tend to be particularly hot when temperatures can go as high as 37 degrees C. Therefore, many people decide not to come in the very hot months. But it should be noted, this can be from June to September. Sharm El-Sheikh has only two noticeable seasons, the summer and the winter. The only real differences are lower temperatures and possibly more wind. As previously stated, though, the weather is pleasant throughout the year. Visiting from February to April is a popular time with temperatures averaging around 25 degrees C. September to November is another popular time, with the climate remaining very pleasurable.

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