Holidays to Fiji

Holidays to Fiji

Sitting proudly among an archipelago of hundreds of islands in the South Pacific, Fiji has long been a go-to retreat as a luxury holiday destination, for anyone seeking secluded beaches, outdoor adventures and carefree evenings under the stars. Proving to be far more than your average island escape however, highlights of a trip to Fiji can include river rafting, coastal hikes and island-hopping boat trips, all worthy additions to the other essential pastimes of beachside relaxation and luxuriating in warm, turquoise seas. This surprisingly versatile set of islands also throw up indigenous heritage sites, colonial buildings and natural wonders, from beautiful waterfalls to sprawling bird sanctuaries and enchanting caves, complete with crystalline plunge pools and fantasy-like hanging vines. For those who – rather than exploration – need unadulterated pampering, escapism and serenity, or the perfect excuse to spend lazy days by the pool, Fiji’s many world-class resorts will certainly provide just that. 

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Fiji Travel Information

There are no direct flights from the UK through to Fiji but various carriers offer one-stop flights from London Heathrow, Manchester and Birmingham.
  • Currency: Fijian dollar
  • Time difference: GMT+12 (11 hours ahead of the UK)
  • Flight from UK: 23 hours, 55 minutes from London (26 – 27 hours from other UK airports)
  • Visa: No, British citizens can holiday for up to 4 months visa-free
  • Language: Fijian, Fiji Hindi and English
  • National drink: Kava
  • National dish: Kokoda (marinated fish)

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Fiji Activities

Fiji isn’t just about remote hideaway beaches. To really experience all of what Fiji has to offer, join a cruise and sail around the islands – there are over 300! Hunt for souvenirs in local markets, witness the art of fire-walking or splurge with a helicopter tour over the Mamanucas. Immerse yourself in local culture by taking part in a traditional ceremony such as the sevu-sevu (gift giving) ceremony or Kava drinking ceremony. Swim in waterfalls, go crab hunting and stroll through Taveuni Island, Fiji’s Garden of Eden, where over 80% of the space teeming with orchids and rare ancient plants is protected – the options are endless.

Fiji Food & Drink

Fijian foods tend to be very healthy with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, as well as rice, fish and coconut. Many dishes are prepared over an open fire or in a makeshift underground oven. You cannot visit Fiji without trying Kava or Yaqona, the national drink. Drinking Kava is marked with great ceremony; a drink known for its sedative properties that help you relax into the Fijian way of life. Made from the root of a pepper plant, it’s served in a bilo, a bowl made from a coconut. Don’t forget to try Kokoda, a fish marinated in lemon juice, and Lovo, a Fijian delicacy that’s slow-cooked over coals below the ground.

Fiji Attractions

With over 300 islands to explore, you’ll have your hands full in Fiji. Uncover age-old Fijian traditions and cultures with a visit to some of Fiji’s incredible cultural and historical sites, such as the 18th century Tavuni Hill Fort, the Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple and Mariamma Temple where the South Indian fire-walking festival is held between the months of July and August each year. Walk the Sigatoka Sand Dunes, admire the Parliament of Fiji and explore the fascinating Snake God Cave, one of the largest caves in all of Fiji. Kula Eco Park is great for wildlife lovers – keep an eye out for flying fox, Fiji’s only native land mammal. 

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