Holidays to Iceland

Holidays to Iceland

There's nowhere in the world quite like Iceland, a country built against the odds in a challenging landscape it has developed a vibrant culture as a result, and still treasures the old ways. Here snow-capped mountains pierce the sky, volcanoes rumble, and giant geysers spout great jets of water. Traditional farms cling to the slopes above cities and towns bustling with life, with live music, friendly company and highly distinctive food to be found everywhere. Whether you're riding a horse through a rugged ravine or watching whales sporting in Reykjavik Bay, this island nation offers a holiday experience like no other.

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Iceland Activities

For a small place, Iceland packs in a lot of adventure. You can go mountain climbing, tobogganing or cross country skiing, hike up the side of an active volcano or picnic on spectacular cliffs above crashing waves. You can watch geysers erupt like clockwork or soak up the warm, mineral-rich waters they produce in one of the island's many natural spas. Take a boat out into the bay to go whale watching, take a tour of Iceland's most spectacular waterfalls, or party the night away in Reykjavik's lively bars and clubs.

Iceland Food & Drink

Icelandic cuisine is highly distinctive and many of the dishes prized by locals are an acquired taste - but a taste worth acquiring. There is, of course, an abundance of fresh fish, with no restaurant too far from the coast to be serving that day's catch. There's also other seafood like lobster and shrimp, and a lot more fresh vegetables than you might expect, as the island's geothermal energy supports a large network of greenhouses. Sheep roam semi-wild across the hills and all that activity gives them unmatched flavour. Traditional Icelandic food is distinguished by flavours that develop from old methods of preservation, so expect highly salted meat and fish that has been fermented by burying it in volcanic ash, giving it a flavour unlike anything else in the world. Pickled foods are common, from shark meat to rams' testicles. Some people develop such a taste for these dishes that they return to the island many times.

Iceland Attractions

Iceland is full of natural wonders. Don't miss the Blue Lagoon, whose broad, shallow waters are naturally heated and full of minerals said to do amazing things for the skin. You'll find more geothermal spa waters in the volcanic lake at Askja, and at Geysir you can see the water spout that gave all others their name. Reykjavik and Akureyri are full of great restaurants and museums, and when it comes to the latter you shouldn't miss the chance to see Iceland's history depicted in ancient, illustrated sagas.

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