Holidays to Muscat


Holidays to Muscat

Cloaked in tradition, Muscat has only recently begun to come out of its shell and rival its neighbouring cities and countries as a bona fide destination for holiday goers. But the best thing about this small, liveable city is just how different it is from the cities of the Middle East that we know so well. You'll find no skyscrapers here for example; in fact it is written into law that the low lying skyline cannot be besmirched by anything taller than seven stories. Luxury Muscat holidays are a treat for all the senses however, and you'll be kicking yourself if you miss out on everything this wonderful vibrant, atmospheric, and old fashioned city has to offer. For the classic Muscat experience head to the Muttrah corniche to stroll along the waterfront; stop at food stalls along the way, or alternatively watch the fisherman haul in their fresh catch of the day.

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Muscat Travel Information

Non-stop flights leave twice a day from London Heathrow 

  • Currency: Omani Rial 
  • Time difference: (GMT +4) 
  • Flight from UK: 7 hours 45 minutes 
  • VisaYes on arrival  
  • Language: Arabic 
  • National drink: Coffee 
  • National dish: None 
While locals don't drink alcohol, most hotels are licensed to sell it to visitors.

Travel Tips & Advice for Muscat

Muscat Activities

Muscat may be small for an Arabian capital but that doesn't mean there isn't enough to do on holidays to Muscat to keep you busy and absorbed for the duration of your trip. Whether you're taking in the bazaar like atmosphere at the Muttrah souk, visiting the Sultan's Palace, unwinding after a long day with a stroll along the Muttrah corniche or learning about the country's fascinating history at Bayt al Zubair, a lovingly restored house and now a museum, you're sure to be entranced.

Muscat Food & Drink

The Omani cuisine is, much like many other Middle Eastern countries, a blend of influences and cuisines from all around the world. Situated right on the shore, and once one of the region's most important ports, it shouldn't come as a surprise that not only is fish a bit of a big deal here, but so are spices. Many of the Omani specialities use chicken, lamb or seafood, as well as fried rice, with spicing, saffron, preserved fruit, cardamom and clove forming the most dramatic flavours.

Muscat Climate

While there isn't exactly ever a bad time to go to Muscat, it is a particularly popular choice with anyone looking to escape the chill of the British spring, or ward off the on-coming winter blues. Oman's climate is warm and dry, with temperatures reaching the mid-30s in Celsius in the summer months. If this kind of heat doesn't attract you, then come in the winter when the temperature drops to the mid-20s or the spring and autumn, when it hovers around the late 20s and early 30s.

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