Long Stay Tour with Wildlife


Long Stay Tour with Wildlife

  • Visit The Millenium Elephant Foundation in Pinnawala
  • Explore Sigiriya Rock Fortress and proceed on a game drive at Minneriya National Park
  • Take an authentic village excursion to Hiriwadunna and experience the ambiance of the local community 
  • Visit Dambulla Cave Temple 
  • Take a trip to the Kandy Temple of the Tooth Relic
  • See the lavish flora and fauna at the UdawattaKele Sanctuary near Kandy
  • Visit the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Explore Horton National Park near Nuwara Eliya
  • Go leopard spotting in Yala National Park

A fascinating 10 day tour which will appeal to lovers of wildlife and local culture

This extended 9 Night /10 Day tour will offer visitors the chance for some of the finest wildlife watching experiences in the Indian Ocean


Day 1 Airport - Pinnawala - Dambulla

Airport - Pinnawala - Dambulla

Upon your arrival at Colombo International Airport, you will be met by a professional Chauffeur Guide

After the formalities at the airport you will be escorted to your air conditioned vehicle

Next, transfer to your hotel in Dambulla

En-route you will be visiting the Millennium Elephant Foundation in Pinnawala

(Airport to Pinnawala Travel Time Approx: 2 - 2 1/2 Hrs )

Millennium Elephant Foundation (MEF) is a non-government organization (NGO)which is dedicated to improving the welfare of domestic elephants throughout Sri Lanka. Home of the new and exclusive Elephant Walk Experience. The alternative to elephant riding option for tourists. An ethical, up close and personal experience unique to MEF. The most interactive enjoyable way to see domestic elephants in Sri Lanka. The foundation has an international elephant volunteer program 365 days per year where the team is dedicated to the daily care of elephants and welcome applicants from all over the world. The activities available at the foundation includes the following Feed the baby Elephants with Milk at the Orphanage Experience "How to bathe en Elephant" in a small stream near Pinnawala Orphanage. This is a private Elephant bathing experience

On completion continue to Dambulla and check in to your hotel among the forests.

 Rest of the day at leisure to unwind and relax

(Pinnawala to Dambulla Travel Time Approx: 2 - 2 1/2 Hrs)


INCLUDES : Breakfast

Day 2 Dambulla / Sigiriya / Minneriya / Dambulla

Dambulla / Sigiriya / Minneriya / Dambulla

Today you will start the day after an early breakfast at the hotel and proceed on an excursion to Sigiriya Rock Fortress

(Dambulla to Sigiriya Travel Time Approx: 30 to 45 Mins

Sigiriya : Climb the Sigiriya Rock Fortress which is known as the 8th wonder of the world. This rock fortress was built by King Kasyapa in the 5th century A.D,and was a royal citadel for more than 18 years. In a sheltered pocket,approached by a spiral stairway, are the famous frescoes. The summit of the rock, with an area of nearly one hectare was the site of the palace and the outer wall was built on the very brink of the precipice. The UNESCO sponsored Central Cultural Fund has restored Sigiriya 5th century water gardens to their former glory. The architect of this lovely city is known to be King Parakrama Bahu - The Great. The remains of the Royal Citadel council chamber, prince’s bathing pool and the Gal Vihare, a stone temple with its colossal sculptures of the Buddha in a quiet grove of trees as well as the still functioning Parakrama Samudra, a man made reservoir, larger than our Colombo harbour are on easy distance from each other. The new museum has an excellent scale model of the ancient city as it was

On completion stop for lunch at a local restaurant (Optional)

Afternoon proceed on a game drive at the Minneriya National Park

(Sigiriya to Minneriya Travel Time Approx: 30 to 45 Mins.)

More spectacular than possibly any other wildlife event in Sri Lanka is what is known as the ‘The Gathering’. During the dry season (July to Spetember) when water supplies start to diminish, more and more animals congregate around the Minneriya reservoir where grasses are rich and fertile. For several months of this drought season different herds of wild elephants gather at the reservoir. They come from the areas beyond  Minneriya, and at any one time it is possible to witness up to 300-400 elephants. They are not migrating, they simply ‘gather’, to socialize, bathe, feed and possibly mate. Minneriya National Park is also home to Sri Lankan leopards and Sri Lankan Sloth Bears. It is listed as one of the important bird areas in Sri Lanka. The wildlife here comprises of 26 species of mammals, 160 species of bird, 9 species of amphibians, 25 species of reptiles, 26 species of fish and 75 species of butterfly.

On completion return to your hotel, and spend rest of the day at leisure.


INCLUDES : Breakfast

Day 3 Dambulla / Ambulla / Hiriwadunna / Dambulla

Dambulla / Hiriwadunna / Dambulla

Rise up early and get yourself energized with a strong cup of Sri Lankan Tea and proceed on a nature walk at the forest breadth, around the hotel.

Spend just about ninety minutes of bliss tracking and watching the birds like an experienced naturalist. Many nests are hidden among the floating lotus leaves and the branches of the gigantic "Kumbuk" trees.

Across the ramp and up the wooden stairway is an observation desk - a platform that overlooks a myriad of birdlife strewn across the reflecting waters.

The past continues into the farm that ends amidst the spellbinding Butterfly garden. A riot of colour affixed in petals awaits the nature lovers while the bird trail ends as a truly enriching experience.

On completion return to hotel for breakfast

Thereafter proceed on an authentic village excursion to Hiriwadunna, where you will feel your self "Sri Lanken’ed" with the ambiance of the local community. You will be served lunch at a house in the village, of which you can experience the culinary expertise of the Sri Lankan women.

The tour through the village includes an excursion through the countryside, along mud-thatched village huts, flourishing paddy fields, streamlets, rivers and springs of crystal clear water

The banana plantations in the village makes up for an interesting visit.

  The tour also includes visits to the scenic reservoir in Hiriwadunna, which is crossed by a boat to reach a chena cultivation, where the travellers would be able to set their eyes on the scenic sights of the village atop a tree house built on a lone tree midst the cultivations.

On completion return to hotel and relax or enjoy your free time at the pool witnessing the breath taking sunset of the Paradise Island.


INCLUDES : Breakfast

Day 4 Dambulla / Kandy

Dambulla / Kandy

You will pack your bags and check out from the hotel as you head towards the ancient royal capital of Kandy

En-route stop by to visit the religious heritage monument of Dambulla Cave Temple

Dambulla Cave Temple is a vast isolated rock mass and it was here that king Valagambahu took refuge in the 01st century B.C. He later turned the caves into a rock temple. Dambulla is a world heritage site and is the most impressive of Sri Lanka’s cave temples. The complex of five caves with over 2000 sq. meters of painted walls and ceiling found here are over 2000 years old and is the largest area of painting found in the world. The caves contain over 150 images of the Buddha of which the largest is the colossal figure of the Buddha carved out of rock and spanning 14 meters.

On completion continue to Kandy and check-in to hotel

(Dambulla to Kandy Travel Time Approx: 2 1/2 to 03 HRS.)

Late afternoon visit the Temple of the tooth to witness the traditional blessings known “Thewawa” at 1800 Hrs.

Temple of the Tooth Relic Temple of the Tooth Relic is located in the royal palace complex which houses the Relic of the tooth of Buddha. Since ancient times, the relic has played an important role in local politics because it is believed that whoever holds the relic holds the governance of the country.

Kandy was the last capital of the Sinhalese kings and is a UNESCO world heritage site partly due to the temple.

On Completion return to hotel


INCLUDES : Breakfast

Day 5 Kandy / Udawattakale / Kandy

Kandy / Udawattakale / Kandy

After a night of experiencing the cultural richness of the Royal Capital and its surroundings today you will be amazed to see another side of the same city with its lavishness of flora and fauna at the UdawattaKele Sanctuary

 (Kandy to Udawattakele Travel Time Approx: 30 to 45 Mins.)

The lush forest cover of Udawatta Kele Sanctuary behind Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy has a long history dating back to many centuries. It was declared Tahansikele or forbidden forest by the Sinhala kings who ascended the throne when Kandy became the capital city.

It was a royal forest reserve where no one was allowed to venture.

Located close to Sri Dalada Maligawa and the royal palace in this verdant jungle where among trees, creepers, lichen, mosses, ferns, grasses, fungi, and bacteria are found in abundance.

When the morning mist gently clears from the placid water of the pond in the middle of the forest glade, the shrill call of a bird from the nearby tree or a croak of a frog may disturb the stillness of the surroundings.

One can notice a monitor lizard swim lazily catching a glimpse of a prey in the water, disturbed by its movement a blue kingfisher flashes across with its widespread wings when it failed to catch a fish.

With this panorama peace and tranquility continue to prevail throughout this panoramic kingdom of fauna and flora.

Udawattekele is the only forest in the world found bordering a city. With the expansion of the city it has been reduced to the present size.

On Completion return to hotel and spend rest of the day at leisure enjoying the amenities of the hotel


INCLUDES : Breakfast

Day 6 Kandy / Peradeniya / Nuwara Eliya

Kandy / Peradeniya / Nuwara Eliya

After breakfast at the hotel, visit the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden, one of the "Must Visits during your stay in Kandy

(Kandy to Peradeniya Travel Time Approx: 30 to 45 Mins.)

Peradeniya Botanical Garden

The Royal Botanical Gardens at ‘Peradeniya’ is where you could treat your eyes to an amazing, wide and rare collection of tropical and temperate, exotic and indigenous flora, and an orchid house with the largest collection in Asia.

On completion drive to Nuwara Eliya, a city among the misty hills.

(Kandy to Nuwara Eliya Travel Time Approx: 02 - 02 1/2 Hrs.)

Nuwara Eliya is set in the heart of tea-country is a beautiful town where the British succeeded in creating a replica of the English countryside, with homes in styles from Georgian to Queen Anne. Well-kept lawns with hedges, an Anglican church, a famous golf course and beautiful parks give the place an air of nostalgia.

 Situated 6,200 feet above sea level, the air is cool and fresh – a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city life.Pony and Horse riding is available at the turf club of Nuwara Eliya to facilitate you with some sports and adventure.

Feel the “home away from home” upon your check-in at hotel in Nuwara Eliya known as “Little England”


INCLUDES : Breakfast

Day 7 Nuwara Eliya / Horton Plains / Yala

Nuwara Eliya / Horton Plains / Yala

Today, your day will start before the sun rises among the hills, as you head towards Horton Plains National Park with a packed Breakfast from the hotel

(Nuwara Eliya to Horton Plains Travel Time Approx: 45 Mins.to 01 Hrs)

Horton Plains

6500ft above sea level lies Sri Lanka’s highest and most isolated plateau. Nature lovers will revel in this wide, patna-grass covered plain, the haunt of many wild, yet harmless, animals and the home of many species of birds. Bridle paths will take you to the precipice known as World’s End – a sheer drop of 1,050 meters. Waterfalls are seen and heard everywhere in this hill country.

On completion proceed to Yala and check into your hotel located a midst of the bounty of green neighboring.

(Horton Plains to Yala Travel Time Approx: 05 to 06 Hrs)

Time to pamper yourself with a foot massage (optional) after a day with long drive.


INCLUDES : Breakfast

Day 8 Yala


A day to check your luck on spotting the highest density of Wildlife in Sri Lanka.

 Your chances of witnessing an “eye to eye" experience with a Spotted Wild Cat - Leopard is high at Yala National Park.

Proceed on a game drive to the Yala NationalPark with a packed breakfast from the hotel

Yala National Park

The elephant is undoubtedly the best known attraction at Yala, seen in small & large herds.

 Herds of spotted deer are seen all over the park.

Monkeys the pinkish rhesus and the grey faced Langur monkey, live and play on the tree tops and the ground below.

 Wild buffalo & wild boar could give a good surprise & the sight of a leopard sunning itself or drinking water at a water hole could be memorable experience.

 The peacock is easily the most famous of the birds at Yala.

 The painted stork, many varieties of heron, the spoonbill, the bee-eater, parakeets, and king-fisher & wood pecker are some of the birds can be seen in the park.

Return to the hotel and spend the rest of the day enjoying the amenities


INCLUDES : Breakfast

Day 9 Yala


Spend the morning at leisure

Afternoon -By 1500 Hrs, visit the Yala National Park for your second safari where you will experience a different ambiance of the park and its wealth of Wild Life.

Return to hotel


INCLUDES : Breakfast

Day 10 Yala / Beach

Yala / Beach

After a variety of memorable experiences around the country today you will be transferred to one the hotels of your choice on the sandy golden beaches of the Island.

INCLUDES : Breakfast


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