What To Eat & Drink In Mexico

Published on: Mar 02, 2021
Alyce Gibson
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You may think you already know Mexican food. You may presume a beach resort (especially an All Inclusive one) will be predictable and serve mediocre chilli con carne and burritos day after day or that all Mexican food is just far too spicy.

But Mexican food is actually one of the most varied and most exciting cuisines in the world, and this large country’s diverse gastronomy has gained recognition in discerning cookery circles.

What To Eat & Drink In Mexico

We've found some fun facts about some of the most popular foods and drinks in Mexico

Margarita Madness

Tequila (a happy spirit) is Mexico’s national drink, made from the fermented and distilled leaves of the blue agave plant in the city of Tequila near Guadalajara. Similar to rum, there are many types and ages to try. Tequila is one of the best-loved ingredients for a fabulous Mexican cocktail, such as the Margarita! PS did you know that 22 February is National Margarita Day!?

A bit “corny”

Corn is believed to originate from the Tehuacàn Valley in Mexico, which was the centre of the Aztec civilisation so it’s no surprise the Mexican diet was based around it. Vitamin T (taco, tortilla, tamal, torta, totopos, tostada, tentempie, etc) were staple items and traditionally accompanied by a bowl of beans, cactus leaves and chili peppers in a tasty sauce.

Holy guacamole!

Our beloved guacamole was made as early as the 16th Century and luckily there’s a chilli heat for every taste, so never assume that every dish is going to be too fiery for you!

Cacao crazy

The word ‘chocolate’ came from the Aztec word ‘xocoatl’ and it appears that people have been worshipping our cherished chocolate further back than we thought. The Aztec people were brewing drinks from cacao beans as far back as 1900 BC as they believed the cacao seeds were a gift from the god of wisdom (and at times these seeds were even used as a currency!). The Mayan people believed a cacao drink would feed them in the afterlife.

The Best Hotels In Mexico For Dining

Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa

The exquisite Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa is one of the Riviera Maya’s most acclaimed beach resorts and is a perfect place to enjoy regional food and drink in style. There’s be no better location than Freddy’s Tequila and Ceviche Bar to sample the region’s largest collection of tequila and outstanding fresh-fish ceviche, sushi and sashimi. The breakfast here is simply divine too, featuring many traditional items and the most amazing cup of hot chocolate!

The Grand Velas Riviera Maya

The Grand Velas Riviera Maya has really raised the bar for a luxury All-Inclusive experience, including premium branded drinks and the chance to dine at five gourmet restaurants. The award-winning Frida a la carte restaurant showcases exceptional Mexican cuisine with a modern twist and the resident sommelier can guide you through a selection of exceptional Mexican wines (taste award-winning wines from Casa Madero, the oldest winery in the Americas).

Secrets Maroma

Taste your way through all the exotic cocktails at Secrets Maroma’s fantastic pool bars (including a swim-up pool bar!) or learn to make your own with a mixology class. Everyone is catered for at this hotel where you can find everything from international cuisine to seafood – and even gluten-free options. Upgrade to Unlimited-Luxury® and enjoy all meals and top shelf spirits included!

Occidental at Xcaret Destination

With a choice of nine eateries and two bars, you won’t be short for options at Occidental at Xcaret Destination. Dine your way through everything from international buffets at Le Buffet, to authentic a la carte Mexican dishes at La Hacienda. Save the best for last and have dinner at Paco’s Tacos – a cross between a pizza place and a taco place where you can enjoy meat and Mexican spices on a soft baked tortilla.

Various Hotels: chef’s table experiences

Some of the best hotels in Mexico offer the opportunity to enjoy a small group chef’s table experience. This informal experience offers the chance to learn more about the origins of popular Mexican dishes, tips on cooking and an insight into local traditions. Recommended chef’s table experiences include the Royal Hideaway Playacar’s 12 course gourmet tasting event and the Viceroy Riviera Maya’s authentic chef’s table experience with their renowned executive chef.

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