Holidays to West Coast USA

Holidays to West Coast USA

Comprised of 13 states, each with their own unique attractions, sights, and senses of adventure, the Western USA is a land of discovery and dream fulfilment. Divided into mountainous regions and Pacific States, West Coast USA is as diverse as its visitors, boasting impressive scenery, sprawling freeways that will take you wherever you'd like to go, and cities that will entertain, as well as plenty of opportunities for doing nothing at all on a long stretch of sandy beach. Holidays on the West Coast USA are as luxurious, or wild, as you make them. Relaxation and venturing into the unknown have never complemented each other so well before, as luxury boutique hotels and charming forest lodges compete for business. West Coast USA's landscape is equally diverse, and those taking the time to explore will discover vast mountain ranges, rambling deserts, and ancient forests.

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West Coast USA Travel Information

  • Currency: US dollar
  • Time difference: (GMT-7)
  • Flight from UK: 11 hours 10 minutes to Los Angeles
  • Visa: Yes – ESTA required prior to travel
  • Language: English
  • National drink: Whiskey
  • National dish: Hamburger
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Travel Tips & Advice for West Coast USA

West Coast USA Activities

Western USA is a land brimming with potential, whether you want to stand still and take photographs, hike into the mountains, drive across the country via Route 66 or Highway 1, or pamper yourself in the spas and boutique hotels of cities such as Las Vegas. There are ample opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors, including water sports and circling over the landscape via helicopter, as well as taking the time to appreciate the finer things in life, such as shopping and pampering.

West Coast USA Food & Drink

If the landscape and scope for activities in Western USA is diverse, then the food and drink on offer is even more so. Be prepared to sample more culinary delights in one holiday than you have before in your life, including authentic Mexican cuisine in San Diego, fresh salmon caught in Oregon or Alaska, grilled buffalo in Colorado, and Thai food prepared in West L.A's Little Osaka neighbourhood. Western USA certainly loves to thrill with its food.

West Coast USA Attractions

It is particularly difficult to list all of the West Coast USA's highlights, as there are quite a few. The Grand Canyon is an incredible sight whether on foot or from the air, while you simply must see the beauty of Yosemite National Park for yourself. Within the region's cities, consider traversing San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge or visiting Alcatraz, placing a bet or two in the casinos of Las Vegas, strolling along Hollywood's Walk of Fame, or standing atop Seattle's Space Needle.

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