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An undiscovered treasure of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia’s future burns with as much brightness as its storied past. Home to the birthplace of Islam, it is a country and kingdom gradually but surely emerging on the global stage and is on the brink of making groundbreaking leaps across myriad sectors, erecting supercities amid the sweeping Arabian sands and evolving with a constant modernisation that is driven by its zesty young population.

With ambitions to become a top travel destination over the next decade, there is plenty to be found throughout this vast kingdom, from centuries-old culture and awe-inspiring heritage sites to glittering cosmopolises and the sparkling Red Sea coast. See rock-carved Nabataean tombs to rival Petra, verdant oases quivering in the heat amid endless seas of sand and formidable fortresses towering above desert outposts. Uncover vibrant cities where spice-scented souks and lively coffee bars stand side by side with soaring skyscrapers and marvellously minareted mosques – Saudi Arabia is a country of truly astounding diversity.

In a kingdom whose vast territory comprises 95% desert, the romance and nostalgia of a bygone era and the breathtaking landscapes of mountain, desert and sea permeate Saudi’s essence which, alongside its unrivalled innovation, creates a striking contrast of old and new. Rapidly growing with each day that passes, Saudi Arabia is set to become one of the world’s most coveted destinations in the coming years, a place where travellers seeking enriching history, indelible wildernesses and unique culture will find a country entirely distinct from anywhere else on Earth. Discover all this and more while on a Best at Travel luxury holiday to Saudi Arabia, a magnificent deviation from the tourist trail where the magic and authenticity of Arabia shimmers amid the desert sands.




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