Holidays to The Red Sea

Saudi Arabia’s western flank is rimmed by the radiant waters of the Red Sea, a narrow inlet of the Indian Ocean that separates the Arabian Peninsula from the African continent. A channel of extraordinarily rich history, this slim body of water has hosted some of civilisation’s greatest oceanic voyages, from the earliest-known Red Sea explorations by the ancient Egyptians to the treasure-laden galleons of the Mughal Empire.

Today, the Red Sea is one of the world’s busiest shipping routes, providing access to the Suez Canal in Egypt, where oceangoing vessels are funnelled into the Mediterranean. Despite this constant maritime activity, Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast has remained largely pristine, with swathes of crystal-clear water creating a striking contrast in colour as it laps against the kingdom’s arid coastline. These shimmering waters lie dotted with resplendent coral reefs that support a thriving marine ecosystem, which has made the Red Sea one of the planet’s most sought-after regions for scuba diving and snorkelling.

From cities such as Jeddah and Yanbu – each rich in maritime heritage - visitors to Saudi Arabia can embark on enthralling excursions to myriad diving sites, with the opportunity to swim with coveted creatures such as manta rays, whale sharks and sea turtles, while the coast also conceals a number of shipwrecks that add a mystical dynamic to any diving adventure. Spanning a total area of 28,000 square kilometres, Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coastline is also home to dazzling offshore islands: the Farasan Islands form a breathtaking archipelago off Saudi’s southwestern coast that comprises some 176 coral islands. Furthermore, you can find a plethora of stunning golden-sand beaches as well as spectacular geography that includes rippling dunes, plummeting canyons and dormant volcanoes.

Delivering something altogether different from the country’s rapidly emerging cities and historic UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coastline has remained a largely uncharted coastal paradise that promises added adventure to your luxury Saudi Arabia holiday.




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